Quite simply, pull out testing will minimise the chance of construction malfunctions in your property.

If you're concerned that damage caused by varying temperatures could have caused fixings to become weak and loose, our fast and accurate pull out testing will provide the answers. Vital for any building, but especially commercial premises, railways and airports, pull out testing is performed to quickly and accurately establish the strength of fixings that have been installed or fitted into walls.

There are many things that can affect the durability and strength of eyebolts, scaffold ties, anchor bolts, resin bolts, safety wires and stud anchors, which is why it is imperative that they are regularly checked and pull out tested. Pull out testing is especially important when visual inspection is just not enough.




Our comprehensive pull out testing involves the attachment of a small piece of equipment to the exterior screw, fixing, nut or bolt. This equipment is then pulled to the designated stress load level to determine how strong and secure the fixing is. This method remains the same for all types of fixings, no matter what the type of material used for bonding.

This will enable the early diagnosis of potential strength and durability problems. Although we cannot help you with the building work should your fixings fail our test, we will provide you with honest and impartial advice as to what to do and who to speak to.


Quite simply, if bolts and other fixings are not checked, and one or more of them fail, it can lead to a chain of failures that could lead to the potential destruction of the entire structure or building. Our pull out testing service will make sure that every bolt, screw or fixing is checked accurately and quickly to ensure that, if there is a failing, it can be dealt with and replaced before it can lead to further failings.





It is also important to provide extensive reports to show whether the fixings have failed or passed the required stress load levels. These should be specified by you before you begin, so you have a conclusive idea as to the full working capacities of your fixings.

At Concut Qatar, we provide comprehensive pull out testing reports so you will very quickly and easily know which fixings have passed or failed. Our experienced and highly skilled team of engineers utilize their extensive experience and the very latest pull out testing equipment to provide our QATAR clients with the very best pull out testing services.

We provide our pull out testing service to commercial and industrial clients across the QATAR and have worked on projects involving rail network operators, schools, construction companies, scaffold specialists, erection companies, access specialists, air conditioning companies and builders.

We have recently completed pull out testing projects all across the QATAR


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